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This is the official site for the Rhinoplasty Institute of Lift — Chicago area's premier institute for minimally invasive cosmetics and plastic surgery.

We specialize in Rhinoplasty and nose surgery, this has enabled us to become experts in this area. Lift, Laser and Body physicians are top professionals known nationally for their  reputation and surgical expertise. This is particularly important in the area of rhinoplasty and nose surgery.

Because of our emphasis on patient satisfaction, customer service, and superior cosmetic outcomes, patients come and have treatments performed from all over the nation.

We invite you to make a complimentary consultation and visit  us. You will meet one of our physicians who specialize in rhinoplasty or with our president, Dr. Joffrey. During the consultation you will learn how nose surgery can benefit you.


Nose surgery is a great and definitive way to improve one’s appearance in one surgical procedure that will give you definite results.

Rhinoplasty surgery also known as a "nose job"; is a procedure intended to change the appearance and internal structure of the nose. It can also be done for functional reasons such as difficulty breathing or snoring or it can be completely cosmetic in nature.

The shape of the nose greatly denies a person’s appearance but in some cases it does not match well with the rest of the face. A protruding nose bridge, deviated septum or oversized nostrils can all be corrected with rhinoplasty.

Overall, the goal of this procedure is to create a more esthetic and appealing nose shape that is harmonic with the rest of the face. The results is not only a better nose shape but also a more confident and pleased person.

Our Surgeons

Our staff of physicians is known for the incredible results that they achieve as well as for their friendliness and patient care. Our goal is to give the rhinoplasty patient the best possible results and care. During consultation we will evaluate the patient’s candidacy for rhinoplasty surgery as well as discuss what he or she is expecting from the procedure. We will also discuss the method to be used as well as cost, payment options and surgery aftercare.

You will feel that you are in good hands when you come to our medical Institute. Our patient’s testimonials are proof of the outstanding work and effort that our whole staff put into making feel each one of our patients at home. For us each patient is special and therefore, it should be treated like a unique case. We do not follow “cookie cutter” approaches and we offer a wide range of procedures and technologies which enables us to choose the specific treatments that will benefit the patient the most.

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Lift, Laser and Body is an industry leader and a top choice for patients due to our great staff of professionals and our latest technology equipment.

Dr. M.J. Joffrey